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Wednesday, December 8, 2021


JUST WEEKS AFTER The Company of the Dragon became a Gold Bestseller, Six Seasons in Sartar pulled ahead of its sequel by becoming the very first Jonstown Compendium title to ever go Platinum. To celebrate the tremendous success of the series, I thought it was as good a time as any to announce the third installment, The Seven Tailed Wolf.

Long before the Dawn and the beginning of Time, the Black Stag seized a mountain valley from the jaws of the Seven Tailed Wolf and made it his own. As told in Six Seasons in Sartar, the Haraborn clan accepted his patronage and called his valley their home. Centuries later, in Glorantha's Second Age, signs and omens convinced the Haraborn to flee south, just ahead of the Dragonkill. When their long exile finally ended and they came home in the Third Age, they discovered the Seven Tailed Wolf had risen again, taking the valley in their absence. After a long struggle with the Wolf and his children, a local Telmori tribe, Black Stag Vale belonged to the Haraborn once more.

Now, after having been driven from their homes for a second time, the Haraborn return to find the Seven Tailed Wolf waiting for them yet again. Do they repeat the events of the past and take the valley back with bloodshed, or break the cycle and find a way to co-exist?

Playable either as a direct sequel to Six Seasons in Sartar, or to The Company of the Dragon if you played that as well, The Seven Tailed Wolf will be the shortest of the three sagas. We are looking at a page count of just under 100 pages. The book is not, however, just adventures. It will contain material originally cut from both Six Seasons in Sartar and The Company of the Dragon, including more in-depth descriptions of the Haraborn and their valley, spirit cults dedicated to renowned ancestors, guidelines for adapting the Community Characteristics system in The Company of the Dragon to playing a clan ring and running a Sartarite community, advice on continuing the Haraborn campaign into Chaosium's own official post-1625 timeline, and much, much more.

I am a mostly one-man operation here and have a lot on my plate. The Final Riddle is still on its way, and I have a few writing projects for Chaosium, so I can't promise you a firm deadline just yet. Look for it later this winter (closer to spring, NOT in time for Christmas!).

If you haven't yet experienced the Jonstown Compendium's bestselling title or its sequel, now is a terrific time to get them! Both are on sale throughout the holidays.



  1. Congratulations! And I'm looking forward to the new installment of our whacky Harabornians.

  2. Wonderful news!! Keep up the amazing work Andrew.