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Thursday, March 18, 2021


We are proud to announce that The Company of the Dragon was released two days ago and became an instant bestseller, holding the #1 spot not only in Community Content but ALL of DriveThruRPG.  

In the shadow of the Quivini, at the dawn of the Hero Wars, a young Seven Mothers convert began collecting stories of rebel warbands hiding in the wilds of occupied Sartar.

Among these accounts were repeated stories of one particular warband... clanless, tribeless, bound to a draconic spirit of immense power. Some called them traitors and insurrectionists. Others painted them as folk heroes and freedom fighters.

They were called the Company of the Dragon. And some say they helped the Prince of Sartar win her throne.

In this 270-page sequel to the Gold bestselling SIX SEASONS IN SARTAR you will find:

- "Sartar Before the Dragonrise," a land culturally and politically divided under foreign dominion.

- "The Company of the Dragon," a description of the Company, the rebel warbands loyal to Kallyr, and a new system to model large communities, keep them healthy and strong, and lead them into large scale battles.

-"Draconic Consciousness," the teachings of the Dragon Way and a Draconic perspective of the Hero Wars.

-"Characters," rules for creating new protagonists, creating and narrating "character arcs." and a shorthand system for NPCs and antagonists, with over 30 templates for quick NPC design.

-"Initiations," a discussion of this important aspect of Gloranthan religions, with example initiations for martial cults like Orlanth Adventurous, Vinga, Humakt, Babeester Gor, Storm Bull, and the Company of the Dragon.

-"Running the Game," an extensive chapter on building campaigns, with expanded battle and community management rules, new options, and a discussion of gaming in Glorantha.

-"Episodes," more than 160 pages of adventures and adventure seeds that allow you to assemble your own 5-year, 27-season saga, with historical events like "The Battle of Auroch Hills" and "The Dragonrise," as well as all-new stories like "The Dark Lord's Daughter" and "The Changeling."

Written for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, but with support for 13G and Questworlds play.

Usuable as a solo campaign or the sequel to SIX SEASONS IN SARTAR. 

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  1. I reckon you need to start working on the sequel now. :)

    Glad I could be part of your initial sales there - I've got my copy and I'm going to be giving it a thorough read through on the weekend.