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Thursday, December 31, 2015


The Doctor is a Rebel Time Lord Who Outwits Adversaries

You have issues with authority. Willful and independent, you refuse to take orders from anyone but yourself. This quality doesn’t necessarily make you a criminal; you will follow rules and conventions if they make sense to you, but if they don't you have no trouble ignoring them. You may or may not be a freedom fighter, taking on what you perceive as tyranny. Regardless, you likely dress and act with unique style and air, not caring what others think. You gain the following characteristics:

Willful: +4 to your Intellect Pool.
Skill: You’re trained in resisting attempts to manipulate or intimidate you.
Skill: You’re trained in tasks requiring you to talk yourself out of trouble. Inability: Your ego sometimes gets in your way. When dealing with authority figures--leaders, bosses, commanders, etc--the difficulty of all social tasks is raised one step.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.
- You threw in with the other PCs because you saw that they were resisting some form of authority.
- One of the other PCs convinced you that joining the group would be in your best interests.
- You’re afraid of what might happen if the other PCs fail.
- Helping the others inconveniences someone you are opposed to.

Time Lord (Prydonian Chapter)
Are the "Time Lords" a race, or a profession? The television program has never made it clear. Certainly, not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords. In both the classic series and recent episodes, some live comparatively primitive lives in the wilderness outside of the Citadel. This version, then, assumes that Time Lords are not born, they are made by attending graduating the Academy. Obviously, other assumptions are possible.

Based on the Doctor, we might call this the "Prydonian" build (his Chapter at the Academy). Noted for their manipulativeness and political skill, we are suggesting a Speaker with the Technology Flavor.

Regeneration: Time Lords can bear two cyphers. However, we are counting "Regeneration" as one of them. Time Lords are imbued (or promised they will be) with Regeneration energy at several points in the series, and it is clearly something that is expended once used. This ability then is treated as a subtle cypher with twelve "doses." When the Time Lord reaches death, or near death, it can be voluntarily triggered. Doing so simultaneously triggers all remaining recovery rolls in a burst of energy. The character assumes a new appearance (possibly even gender), with a new set of personality quirks. He or she cannot regenerate again until resting and restoring all recovery rolls (thus the Time Lord can still die unless retreating from danger). The power can be used twelve times, after which further regenerations can only be obtained from the Time Lord High Council.

Outwits Adversaries
This is simply "Calculates the Incalculable" with a new name.

Might: 15 (Edge: 0)
Speed: 20 (Edge: 2)
Intellect: 33 (Edge: 5)
Effort: 6
Skills: Resist Manipulation/Intimidation T, Talk Your Way Out Of Trouble T, Seeing Through Deception T, Persuading T, Time Capsule Piloting S, Time Capsule Repair T, Practiced with Light and Medium Weapons

Abilities: Encouragement (1 Int), Fast Talk (1 Int), Spin Identity (2 Int), Understanding (2 Int), Hacker (2 Int), Scramble Machine (2 Int), Tinker (1 Int), Tool Mastery, Babel, Impart Ideal (3 Int), Grand Deception (3 Int), Mind Reading (4 Int), Confounding Banter (4 Int), Flee (6 Int), Jury Rig (5 Int), Predictive Equation (2 Int), Predictive Model (2+ Int), Subconscious Defense, Cognizant Offense, One Step Ahead Of Everyone (6 Int)

Sonic Screwdriver (Artifact): Pick Locks T, Gather Information T, Turn On/Off Machines T

TARDIS (Artifact). A time capsule that can travel anywhere in time and space, is infinitely large on the inside, and can blend into its surroundings to escape notice.

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